What Are The True Benefits Of Buying And Selling In The Fall

Dated: November 7 2017

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Today I'll focus on what advantages there are to buying or selling in the autumn versus other times of year. Each season has pros and cons.

Many real estate agents will tell you why any time is a good time to buy or sell, without really distinguishing any advantages. Actually, each season has its advantages and disadvantages.

Today, I want to specifically focus on what advantages there are to buying or selling in the autumn versus other times of the year.

In the spring, buyers and sellers come out of the woodwork, and there’s a lot more inventory on the market. Spring has the advantage of more choices, but the disadvantage is that sellers are looking for premium prices.

In the fall, the inverse is true. Prices start to dip as winter approaches, but there are fewer houses on the market to choose from.

Also, sellers sometimes return to the market during the fall after pricing themselves out of it during the spring. Since they’ve reduced the price to a point where it’s reasonable, their listing is essentially available for the first time.

Each season has its own advantages and disadvantages, but fall has some great benefits.

It’s also important to consider the strong level of motivation that buyers and sellers have during later months of the year. The spring is a very popular time to be on the market, so those who are buying or selling during the autumn instead are usually doing so for good reason.

Another advantage that I was personally unaware of until recently is that fewer burglaries occur in the fall. This puts buyers in a good position, since they will have more time to install a security system following their move.

Finally, there’s the matter of the “Center of attention” phenomenon. Real estate agents tend to be most busy during the spring. So when you work with an agent during the fall, they’ll be able to provide you with more personalized attention. You may get a degree of service that isn’t available in the spring.

By William Piotrowski with Diamond Mortgage

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